Corporate Event Ideas

From lighthearted celebrations to hands-on team challenges, each corporate cooking event creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration - perfect for companies looking to increase internal ROI and productivity by working together more efficiently, boosting morale, and rewarding employees.

Corporate Event IdeasCorporate Event Ideas

Select From Our Customized Corporate Event Ideas

Choose among four corporate event ideas, ranging from hors d'oeuvre cooking parties to Iron Chef cooking competitions.

Cooking Competition:


     Kitchen Challenge

      Iron Chef-style cooking competition
      3-hour event
      Ideal for 20-350 guests
      More here.

Seated Dining Experience:


     Chef’s Table

      Four-course meal with formal dining service
      3-hour event
      Ideal for 20-350 guests
      More here.

Reception-Style Cooking Parties:


     Small Plates

      Gourmet meal of international small plates
      2.5 hour event
      Ideal for 15-350 guests (smaller groups welcome!)
      More here.

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