Spice up your holiday party!


Treat colleagues and clients to an evening of corporate camaraderie and festive feasting in a most unexpected place… the kitchen.

Whether you're looking for fun team building activities, client entertaining, appreciation or holiday party ideas, we'll help you whip up a deliciously-fun event that guests will thank you for.

  • Easy Party Planning – Plan your holiday party in less than an hour!
  • Interactive Events – Choose from 9 customizable event ideas.
  • Mouthwatering Menus – Enjoy festive, seasonal menus.
  • Expert Instruction – Learn helpful cooking tips and tricks from the pros.  
  • Flexible Venue Options - Host in a private home for an intimate experience. Or, explore beautiful kitchens, wineries and galleries throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago. We'll coordinate the venue for you.

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