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Turn up the heat with Parties That Cook at this exciting cooking party. You'll learn how to prepare a delicious meal, eat delectable food, and meet other fun singles.

Guests are greeted at the door with a glass of wine, a nibble and a name tag. With upbeat music setting the mood, you'll mingle and meet the Parties That Cook chefs. After a lively cooking demo, guests are broken into co-ed cooking teams to prepare the evening's menu.

A bit like speed dating (but much more fun), men or women rotate through stations so you'll have a chance to cook with everyone. When the cooking is complete, you'll savor the 'fruits' of your labor with new friends (or maybe a romance)! After the event, copies of the recipes, cooking tips and digital photos are emailed to the group.

Parties That Cook designs fresh seasonal menus for each event. Guests do not need cooking experience to attend. The price 2 glasses of wine, cooking instruction by professional chefs, a gourmet meal made using the finest, freshest ingredients, copies of the recipes, and the possibility of whipping up a new romance.