Cards for a Party

Cards for a Party

When I opened Bibby Gignilliat's "The Sumptuous Small Plates Deck'' (Parties That Cook, $17.95), I felt like I had been invited to not one but dozens of hip, fun parties -- the kind that serve only the best foods. My only question was, what time should I arrive?

As I read further, however, I realized that yes, this was all about parties, but I was to be the host, with lots of help from Bibby. The deck includes 30 illustrated recipe cards for 30 foods that I can and would cook for my guests -- so long as I could get my hands on the ingredients.

As I flipped through the cards, I imagined how delighted my guests would be to dig into a mound of fava bean hummus, or to nibble on blue cheese and pecan puff pastries. I realize that great food isn't the only element of a great party -- but it's definitely Advertisement important.

Just think about it: We have five senses. Food grabs three of them in one delicious, memorable bite.

I love that Bibby also included lots of the tips on entertaining she has picked up through the years of hosting Parties That Cook, a Bay Area business she founded. Her parties turn the guests into chefs, which she says is guaranteed to multiply the fun at any party.

Imagine, you do the prep and clean the house; the guests do the cooking and serving. Talk about stress-free entertaining! You can find the deck on or at

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