Pasta Wars

Homemade Pasta Cooking Competition Event

Teams are challenged to create pasta masterpieces including a delicious sauce made from scratch.

Pasta Wars
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Timed Pasta-making Team Building Cooking Competition

Hungry for a new style of team building activity? Try our new pasta recipe for building teamwork in the heat of the kitchen. Get fired up with your colleagues at this 3-hour, fast-paced kitchen competition brimming with culinary adventure and fun.

How the Pasta Wars team building activity works

  • Guests are divided into teams and face-off in a timed pasta-making competition. With our professional chefs as culinary coaches, each team strategizes together to create a pasta masterpiece using a basic pasta dough recipe and a pantry full of ingredients to create a scratch-made sauce.
  • Whether the pasta is filled, layered, or cut into long ribbons, each team is challenged to come up with their own delicious pasta shape and accompanying sauce. Creativity, division of tasks and effective communication within each team are critical for the win.
  • Members of the team that dishes up the best pasta making meal win prizes based on presentation, teamwork, and taste. The result? A sit-down meal garnished with camaraderie and served with a side of competitive edge.

Minimum Guests: 20+

Event Duration: 3 Hours

Pricing varies based on guest count, menu and venue rental fee.

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Pasta Wars Menu

Our Pasta Wars Menu highlights the best seasonal, local ingredients. In addition to your pasta ingredients, our pantry will include a wide array of items to utilize in your handmade pasta dish!

We can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions from vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and +more to ensure that all guests get to enjoy the selected menu.

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What's included?

Cost is all-inclusive: professionally trained staff, ingredients, venue rental fee, party rentals, travel fee (if applicable), non-alcoholic beverages, service fee and complimentary antipasto platter. Beer and wine is not included in the cost. Depending on the venue selected, you can BYOB, source wine/beer from the venue or from our local purveyor. Ask us about event enhancements including appetizer and menu upgrades, custom logo aprons, wine education sessions, meeting facilities, specialty rentals and more.

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