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Small Plates Spring Menu

Our Small Plates Menu incorporates the best seasonal, local ingredients with internationally inspired recipes. In effort to create the perfect culinary journey for your group, please consider the dietary restrictions of guests when selecting recipes. 


Guests & Recipes

1 to 15 guests, select 4 recipes
16 to 34 guests, select 5 recipes
35 to 124 guests, select 6 recipes
125 to 199 guests, select 8 recipes
200+ guests, select 10 recipes

Dietary Icons


*Items in Italics are deep-fried. Please limit selection to one. Vegan/Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options available  

Savory Items

  • Coconut-Crusted Shrimp with Tamarind-Honey Sauce
  • Fresh Spring Rolls with Thai Basil, Beef and Pho Sauce
  • Handmade Naan with Indian Spiced Cashew Cream and Cilantro Chutney
  • Spring Vegetable Pakora with Asparagus, Spring Onion and Carrots with Cilantro Chutney
  • Chicken and Lemongrass Potstickers with Ponzu
  • Savory Ricotta Cheese Latkes with Strawberry-Mint Relish
  • Roasted Carrot-Harissa Crostini with Herbed Crème Fraiche
  • Turkish Ribeye Lettuce Cups with Carrots and Sesame Yogurt Sauce
  • Crunchy Cornflake Fried Chicken Skewers with Ranch Dressing
  • Merguez Spiced Lamb Meatballs with Tahini and Lemon Glaze
  • Crispy Wild Mushroom Fries with Sour Cream, Shallots and Dill
  • Artichoke Fondue with Garlic, Parmesan and Herbs Baked in Phyllo Cups
  • Sweet Pea and Leek Pancakes with Meyer Lemon Topping
  • Mini Grilled Vegetable Pita Pockets with Garlicky Tahini
  • Indian Spiced Lentil Sloppy Joes with Tamarind Chutney

Sweet Items

  • Tahini Sandwich Cookies Filled with Chocolate Cream and Toasted Sesame Seeds
  • Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Crisps with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream
  • Gluten Free Brownie Squares with Salted-Vanilla Topping
  • Fiery Mexican Mocha Pudding Cups with Cinnamon Whipped Cream