Kitchen Challenge

An Iron Chef-style Group Cooking Competition

Armed with three basic ingredients and a pantry, teams face off in a timed competition to create the winning dish!

Kitchen Challenge
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The Ultimate Iron Chef-style Teambuilding Challenge

Trade the typical ho-hum team building activity for the heat of the kitchen and try this experience for building teamwork. Each team is given essentials ingredients to create and compete. The ultimate teambuilding experience, where creativity and effective communication are critical to win!

It’s fun too and a full sit-down meal garnished with camaraderie is the final outcome. Teams are judged on presentation, teamwork and taste.

How the Kitchen Challenge cooking competition works

  • Your team is greeted with soft beverages and a complimentary appetizer.
  • Guests watch a chef demo and are divided into competing teams. Each team is given 3 essential ingredients and must create a culinary masterpiece from scratch.
  • The clock is set, and your team must strategize, invent, and work together to create an amazing dish. When the alarm sounds each team must stop and present their culinary creation to the judges.
  • All teams come together, eat a full meal, drink and enjoy the moment with everyone and their masterful creations. The best dish wins prizes based on presentation, taste, creativity, and teamwork.
  • One week after your event, you will receive a keepsake: the recipes and group photo to share with your team!

Event Duration: 3 Hours

Pricing varies based on guest count, menu and venue rental fee.

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Kitchen Challenge Menu Image

Kitchen Challenge Menu

Our Kitchen Challenge Menu highlights the best seasonal, local ingredients. Select one item from each category. In effort to create the perfect culinary challenge for your group, please consider the dietary restrictions of guests when selecting listed items.

We can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions from vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and +more to ensure that all guests get to enjoy the selected menu.

View Kitchen Challenge Menu

What's included?

Cost is all-inclusive: professionally trained staff, ingredients, venue rental fee, party rentals, travel fee (if applicable), non-alcoholic beverages, service fee and complimentary antipasto platter **not included with Cupcake Challenge. Beer and wine is not included in the cost. Depending on the venue selected, you can BYOB, source wine/beer from the venue or from our local purveyor. Ask us about event enhancements including appetizer and menu upgrades, custom logo aprons, wine education sessions, meeting facilities, specialty rentals and more.

Let's get started!

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